The job of planning a marriage is arduous,a task only a brave person would undertake.And it is our prerogative to aid in toto, this brave soul & complement their plans with our services.The day in their lives where every single person wants to be unique & special.

A day when the want everything to be perfect and about them.And it is the happiness you derive from realizing this very wish that propels us forward and forms the crux of our promise. A Promise is in our definition - the words we live by.To be in the business of taking care of one of the most important point in people’s lives and on a daily basis,we take the utmost & more care.

Gitanjali makes sure to be a well oiled & well maintained system which sees happy and content people.

Thank you for a lovely stay.our party of six adults and six older childern (Eg. 9-14 yrs) were very luxoriously accomodated in this sereve house. appreciated the ac, tv, clean and comfortable rooms with ensuite wet rooms and great decor.

Stanly & Susan, UK

We offer honeymoon cottages, with the picturesque settings and the idyllic ambience as required of places chosen for a honeymoon. Right after the wedding the newly married couple stays behind to enjoy the start of their married life in the tranquility of our well provisioned cottages.

The very idea behind a wedding resort is providing a home away from home. The age old adage which says - ‘there is no place like home’ points to the comfort factor one feels when they are at home.

And so as to achieve totality in realising our goals every single time, there is only one way we have singled out – attain perfection. And this perfection is what we provide with pride every time you trust us with life's most beautiful moments.

In each and every step of your journey, we stand beside you. We pride upon ourselves to be of your service when needed. And wedding houses are always places where the extra hand is perennially required. We make sure, that you are in need of nothing